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I made this wiki because there is no webisite or blog for my friend. As a girl, I am both tsundere and kuudere (same as Lisa). I may be talkative, but deep inside me. I am full of pain. which are the causes of my numbness and mercilesss. I have a filipino blood, yet i can understand (a little) japanese, swedish, russian, german, italian, and spanish. I'm expiriencing some difficulties at some Arabic languages. I really like the creepypasta, especially Slender man and jeff the killer. I am a starter of MMD. And I still don't know how to fix broken models.Because i don't have PMD Editor and I'm using Windows 8. I am good at making poses.

Fanfiction/Requests[edit | edit source]

 I do fanfictions and requests email me at:

Deviant Art:

Twitter: @mikaela66162091




Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is Lisa in the series
  • Her main appearance and personality is where Jairea took an idea.
  • She knows alot Jairea's identity.
  • Her brother, Dionne, is another editor of the series. He likes to play with everyone (playing in the bad way). Although, he even said bitch to Jairea. This is my warning, don't ever just say anything bad about him, if he does report it to me. 

My Videos/Photos in MMD[edit | edit source]

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