Priz Deon Warden is the organization that the Scarfort Island people have arranged to get the highly coveted Deza de Honor stone.


In 1913, the Scarfortian force challenged the Queen of Camryn Island  to a battle. It was because Camryn Island was full of girls. The Queen agreed to this battle. The Scarfortians were disappointed when the Queen proved their belief wrong. This is their belief :

In Scarfort Island, women are downgraded. All women are kept in a portion of the island. Women are forced to engage in fixed marriage; and after the baby is born, Scarfortian government will decide where the baby goes. In this case, if the baby is a girl, she will be taken care at that portion of the island (mainly referred to as Scarfortian Women's Home). In other rare cases, the baby girl will be taken to a nursery by the Scarfortian government and in the future will be trained to become a soldier. When women give birth to a boy, the boy will be nursed to health by the mother and at the age of 5 will be taken away for training.

But since Jem Capri and Maurene Soldefrab come from the family of the president of Scarfort Island, they were excepted and were trained, not to be a soldier, but to be smart and graceful. Jem was interested in business, while Maurene was interested in dancing, specifically tango.

It was said that dancing was a big part of the culture of Scarfort Island. The government went to different parts of the world to discover different types of dances. In this case, the interest of Maurene's family in tango dancing was inherited by MaureneJem, however, was surprisingly not interested in any kind of dance, or not in joining the force either, but in making money. The cousins' grandmother took advantage of this and pushed Jem to keep making money and build an organization that will finally make Scarfort Island win the highly coveted Deza de Honor stone and make the queen give up.

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