Olessa Bohemia (usually called Olessa) is known as the oldest and Areeyah's mother in the story.

History[edit | edit source]

Olessa was born in an unknown shady place in the Angel's Forest, which can be found behind Mt. Haruko if you take the route of SCO. It's very fortunate that Rasi has not died while giving birth to Olessa.

As the eldest one in the family, Olessa finds it easy to make her younger cousins listen to her. Olessa was an obedient daughter, and a consistent honor student. Because of this, at a very young age, Olessa is very aware of what the people of Scarfort Island had done to their island. Every Camrine saw to it that Rasi did not make a mistake in giving Olessa restrictions about going out of NCO. Olessa deserved and received every kind of reward to honor her attitude, but she did not accept these rewards.

Olessa has taken - and failed the mission, but this does not stop her from pursuing her dream of being free from the Scarfortians. She meets Anthony Stanford, who at the time was a businessman at SCO, and still a Bohemia. Anthony falls in love with Olessa, and soon their love becomes mutual. The result of this love is - you already know - a baby.

When Olessa found out she was pregnant, she first asked some people to make Anthony propose to her. So Anthony did! They married within two weeks. Olessa was close to building the perfect family.

But things took a sudden turn for the worse when Anthony decided that their age was a barrier for his good parenting. So Anthony filed a divorce against Olessa. Unbelievably, he won, making Olessa drop the dream of a perfect family.

Now, Olessa is 54 years old. She has no idea that Anthony has changed his name to Stanford, and that he works at the NCO Bank.

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