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Martina Capri Gypsum or more known as Martha Gypsum is the mother of Amber in the story.

A drawing of Martha in January 2013.


Jem Capri did not expect her daughter to turn into a psycho. First of all, her child was ripping open her teddy bears for an unknown reason. Second of all, she hasn't even seen her father yet, or knows his name, yet on her easel she continues to draw her father's face very accurately. Add up the patch with the name of her father that she sews on the teddy bears she breaks. It's creepy.

Martha wind down and turned normal for at least a couple of years. She finished school with a B+ and was trained in PDW. Everything was finally going fine. 

During her training in PDW, she met her husband. Her husband was the son of one of the PDW scientists. She fell for his charms and they married.

While Martha was pregnant, they talked about what the name of their daughter would be. Instantly, her husband suggested the name Princess. Martha did not like this name and suggested Aberinia, thinking about Princess Aberinia II of Scarfort Island. They fought over this, and since Martha was back to being a psycho, she took out one of the injections she invented way back from her teenage secret years and injected her husband with it. Her husband fell to the ground instantly. 

After a quick realization that Amber's name was Princess Aberinia, she began to go crazy again. She was not sure if her husband would wake up. If her husband died, it would be all her fault. She would go to jail. She would lose the one she loved. She sneaked out into the lab at midnight and created some pills. She didn't make the scientists approve it as safe, and she made sure nobody saw her. Every day and night, she took these pills. She swallowed them with vodka. This made Amber's life risky. But Martha didn't care.

She only cared when she gave birth. 

But she was still a psycho that has a wandering mind at day, and self-harms at night.