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 Lucifer, the Demon of Pride is the leader of the demons.


He looks like a magician with a cape in his left shoulder. He also wore a full face mask. To acheive the look of the magician, he wore a top hat, boots, and top with rose and skull details.

Personality/ Interests

Unlike the other demons, he is calm and a gentleman. In rare occasions, he is sometimes a womanizer.

  Most of the time, he really seem to be interested at petite or young women. He is also very fond of fortune telling and Tarots. He can rarely dislike future prediction as well.


Card Magic he can use this for teleportation, ranged attacks and future prediction.

Summoner unlike those other demons, he can summon other demons as well via his cards.

     He seem to master summoning Mythical Creatures. Like Medusa, Griffins and Centaurs.

Master Puppetry despite his Card Magic, similar to Mammon, he can manipulate his summonings via his cards


  • His original theme song is Daughter of Evil. Which reprsents pride. But his personlity represents the Game of LIfe.