Lara is a minor character of the series. She is a scientist and the mother of Lisa. She is the main biology teacher. 

History/Background[edit | edit source]

         Also a betrayed woman, (yet in the normal age) Lara has always been an independent woman, influencing Lisa. She killed her former husband, John, for a science experiment?! Lisa saw all what happened, and boy, she was scared. Lara was shocked when she saw Lisa traumatized. And she was also scared that no one will protect herself, until a light bulb came to her head. She went to Terrie, her former groupmate, to look after Lisa. Similar to Lisa, Lara is also a Assassin. which is her former secret, she went to the main office of the NCO. She took a S-mission: to take one of the "children" in PDW Lab. Which the children are made in synthetic. She went like a leaf, glinding through the wind. She went to the PDW Lab in an instant, so no CCTV Camera can take a look on her. She took a child, then left. As usual, she went to the office, then she took her reward. Which is Angelo, a adopted child. She went to her own lab, then she put Angelo to her solar-light incubator. and she was transferring the human blood cells of the Nigira heritage. When Angelo was 6-years old, Lara introduced ANgelo to LIsa, which Lisa is alreadya 5 years old.   

Personality[edit | edit source]

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