Kako Shorai is the art conceptor of the series.

Art Concepts[edit | edit source]

  • Angelo Neen When Kako realized that they lack of male characters, Kako managed Angelo to be Lisa's younger brother. But Angelo was too tall to be Lisa's brother. It was decided that Angelo will be Lisa's older brother. It was in the middle-end of August.
  • Alice-chan February 25, 2014 that Alice was created. Kako felt that the series is too boring, so she made another character that is Disney themed. Which gives an idea to Alice in Wonderland.
  • 7 Deadly SIns Demons studying constellations and watching Fairy Tail. Kako knew that Delya is a maid and a virgin, she wanted Delya to be a Virgo. Which takes Delya as a Earth Elemental user. Her childhood took place that Delya can be similar to Toph from Avatar. So she wanted to imitate Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia's Celestial Spirit World.  
  • Ron While Kako Shorai was sketching Angelo, she made a counterpart of him, which shows to be Ron. He was actually born in August 28 1992.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Her main goal: "All what I wanted is to see "him" in his country. And die peacefully in a sleep."
  • Her Best quotes for Lisa: " I just wanted to die from a plane crash, and go to the country for he is right now. When he is asleep, I'll just sing the "song" for him. And when the time is right, I'll just leave while he is sleeping." this quote was taken from Lisa's introduction in School Year 2013-2014
  • Her life: "I survived death many times. First, from a bite of a dog. Second, dengue. Third, acid powder. And lastly, a sting of a poisonous centipede. I told you, I AM A COUNTRY." this was taken in her USB.
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