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Gretchen Alessandra Victoria Pretzel or Gretchen is a minor supporting character in the group. She was mentioned in both books. She was born on May 25, 1996.

Background/ History

When still an infant, her father died in a planecrash. Though they have all of their wealth. She may have a lot of wealth, yet she did not grow up well due to the attitude of Henrietta, her mother - a stand for revenge.

It all started when her father, Philip, or as we like to call him Phil, introduced Henrietta, her mother, to her grandmother and grandfather on the father's side. Both parents did not favor Henrietta as she was a poor, but humble and kind, woman. Phil's parents had already set up a meeting with the woman they would like him to marry, but the meeting was disrupted because Henrietta was introduced to the family. This caused a strong dislike of the woman and her parents to the Pretzel family, and the reason of almost-crashing business. Not only that, but because they thought that since Henrietta was a poor woman, they thought that she was a gold digger.

But Phil really proved his love for Henrietta. They married, without parents' consent, and beared Gretchen during their honeymoon in Madrid, Spain and Venice, Italy. They stayed for a month in Madrid but a pregnancy test showed that a child was not conceived, and so they tried one more time in Venice. The conceiving process was successful. Just three weeks later, Gretchen was announced. This was the reason of abuse of Henrietta from her technical in-laws, gaining her a scar on her back. She contacted Lara, who, at the time, was pregnant with Lisa, and told her everything. Lara was the one who deported Gretchen back to the island.

6 months later and Henrietta is 8 months pregnant. Phil and his parents left Manila, Philippines (their hometown) for a business trip, in Paris, France. They talked all the time while on the airplane because of the Wi-Fi inside the private jet they boarded. 2 hours later, Henrietta stopped receiving messages from Phil. When she contacted the office of NCO, they found out that it was because their plane crashed into the ocean, that means, Phil and her in-laws were dead.

Henrietta was only expecting Phil's money, but since Phil was an only child, and her in-laws died as well, the money goes to Phil, which in turn, goes to his wife. This means Henrietta.

Because of this, Henrietta got herself confined in the best hospital in NCO. She was given the best care, and also Gretchen. She lost her humbleness because of the dislike and unappreciation given to her. As quoted, this was what Henrietta said :

"I will no longer be nice. Being nice got me nowhere in my relationship with the Pretzels. This is my money now."

A voice recorder was in the room. This was entered as an audio hologram in the NCO Public Library. And this is why Gretchen is like this today.


Gretchen is a real spoiled brat and she is the oddest in the group. Although, she is a hime dere afterall. She did not have friends at all, Lisa tried to be friends with her, though, they end up fighting all the time. Even Areeyah, their leader, is even annoyed at her things. She tries to be friends with her crush, but he seems to dislike her. Clarity stated that she is also warm-hearted at the persons that are close to her. In Vanadia arc, she was at the part when Angelo dies while singing the chorus of Wrecking Ball. She is also the Himedere of the group.


Gretchen bears a slight appearance to her mother. Her hair is green (it shines magenta). and her inner outfit is a backless hot pink, strapped sleeve-less top. Her outer outfit is the uniform of NCO. She wears a peach (light flesh) frilly short skirt (which is a dress), she also wore a fish-net stocking (same color like her skirt) with purple garter belt. Her shoes are light geranium red platform boots.


  • Her theme song is ワールドイズマイン (World is Mine).
  • She have crush to Ron.[1]
  • She never had a best friend( never even Areeyah).
  • She is one of the deres
  • In most stories, she never does anything to help the generation. This includes her only weapon, the compact mirror, while battling the Heart Monster. This also includes her cry for help as Vanadia approaches her; yet she does not do anything to protect herself and expected somebody to do the helping part for her.
  • She acts like the Over attached ex girlfriend of Ron.