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【APヘタリアMMD】----WAVE---- 【デンノル】


 As usual you were serving Red Horse, Tanduay, Colt 45, and Emperador Light as well.

        "Thanks." Angelo said to you. You smiled back. You met them when you were finding a job. And you were also homeless, since they were kind, they let you to stay with them. They all bottoms upped the whole bottle, the fastest drinker, Lisa, finished her bottle within 15 mins. "(y/n), can you buy another one, buy more." Lisa gave you money. You brought your phone with your headphones/earsphones. You were playing (f/s). You went outside and you heard someone calling you. 

"(y/n)," Lisa called you exhaling heavily. "I'm going with you since I know that there are alot of drunk men in this place." Lisa walked with you. You bought beers in the nearest convenience store. The cashier was surprised at the money you were carrying. "Keep the half of the change." Lisa told the cashier. The cashier nodded. Since Lisa was walking with you, she helped you carry the beers. You got home earlier, and expected what happened as usual. Your phone was almost snatched by Ron, which Lisa kicked.

       "Wanna sleep with me~" Ron asked. "No. Sleep with me." Yatsu held your waist. You saw Angelo lying down in the floor. Lisa and the others were kept drinking. You didn't noticed Ron took your panties, since you were wearing a skirt, good thing you're wearing a half slip. 

"RON!!!!!!!!!!" you yelled.

"Call me Daddy!" he raised your panty higher. "No!" you cried. "DADDY!!"

"Yatsu!Don't-" he slips down to take your bra. "Give that back!" Lisa punched Ron in the cheek. "Hey~" he held Lisa's hips near his chest. Lisa knocked him. "Here." Lisa threw your panty, and you caught it. "Give me back my bra!" you kept covering your chest. because Ron may seduce you. Lisa sidekicked Yatsu in the neck. "There." Lisa gave your bra back. "Why are you not wearing your shirt?" you asked, fastening your bra. "So I can kill these two. I don't know if they're still going to wake up."

"Hey, (y/n)" Lisa called.
"You wanna meet my boyfriends. And you are the only one to know." she opened the door.


Hi guys, I'm sorry I'm not updated these weeks, because I'm busy in my MMD stuff. And I got an account on DeviantArt, and know what? In March 31, I got a new Daddy, and he is Daddy Denmark because he helped me during the time in Yolanda. ANd yeah, why Spain isn't my Daddy anymore? Well, he invaded my awesome land and I took Denmark instead, which seems legit. BYE BYE