Asmodeus, or Elvira, the Demon of Lust is from Mashina Delya Ubistava.


ENGLISH Subbed Duke Venomania's Madness

Apearance[edit | edit source]

In her normal mode, her clothing reveals her breasts, midrfiff, and limbs. In her right arm a spiral is connecting a sleeve. In her combat mode, she later looks like a succubus.

2013-2014[edit | edit source]

Elvira was seen wearing a bikini with ruffles on the sides. She also wore a apron, which is to be a skirt. She also wore a maiden's headband and high-heeled shoes. She had piercings in the top, bottom, left and right midriff. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is bubbly and sweet in her nature. A bit of tsundere and yandere. She can also be chasing Angelo. As a demon, she can even use herself to distract her opponents. Amber and Sydney were jealous about her herself. She also befriended Lisa, due to being popular. Misty, said that Elvira makes her jealous to her male acquaintances and being herself of the demon of envy ( which is the synonyms of jealousy). She also hated staring at Gretchen, she even said that she is ugly. She is very prideful of her appearance. 

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Angelo Neen[edit | edit source]

Main article: Angelo Neen 

        In Spring Event, she met him infront of her, she said that he is cute. She said that she isn't jeaous of Lisa.   

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