Celandine Brown is known as the mother of Clarity Brown.

History[edit | edit source]

Celandine has always been known as the "Lisa Neen" of Generation 2 - but she has one big difference with Lisa. She is extremely girly.

She had a pretty normal life. She was an average student with average looks. But all of that changed when her long-time boyfriend cheated on her after she released some news. 

She was already pregnant with Clarity but her husband Jean-Claude Brown still cheated on her with a sexier girl of the same age. She was very envious of this girl since this girl was sexy and looked like an actual girl. 

At the time, she only wanted to best the girl out. But soon she found something she wanted to prove.

She wanted to prove that she was still going to be strong right after this man had cheated on her.

She was the only one who consulted a surgeon that was going to make her look better in her generation. She had breast augmentation. (Imagine Katarina of League of Legends.) And she had her hair short. (Imagine Vi this time, but with brown hair) She looked like the Ellen Shale of Camryn Island. (What I meant was, she looks like she never gave birth, just like Ellen!)

She started to specialize as a secret agent. Cool!  

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