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 Blair is one of the strongest weapons in the series. She is owned by Trinity Cesar.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Blair resembles a real person, which she isn't one. Her hair consists two ponytails. The right pony tail is longer than the left, the right is 145 cm (180 when not tied). While the left is 105 cm (125 when not tied). Her hair has 3 colors, light pink in the bangs, black the rest and sky blue (cerulean) in th back part. She wears a raggedy cloak with leather hood. the cloak is divided in four layers. The first layer covers the elbow in the right, left shoulder and the chest. The second layer covers the right wrist, left humerus and the waist. The third layer covers the hips. And the fourth covers her pelvic bone and the third is only overlapping. She also have two long thorned ribbons in the back. Her legs are a meter long with a bracelet. She had tiny but sharp enough to cut a finger. The daggers are 10cms. 

In the part II, she is wearing a maid's uniform, similar to Delya. In her doll form, she had two ponytails, a fish net skirt, and a missing left arm. Trinity said that she scribbled it using a blood ink. Some stitches and skirt are loosed. Her hair is made in yarn.

Sakura Parade: Spring Edition[edit | edit source]

 Blair was seen wearing a japanese maiden dress in Lisa's parade.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strong Defense Blair is made in chemical elements andm minerals. Vanadia's bullets cannot make holes to her. She is usually used in defences. 

Enlarged claws she uses her left arm for sstealth. It can be also used for counterattacks.

Void spikes she uses her daggers for long range attacks Vanadia once had a scratch on her right shoulder.

Twilight Shroud she creates a dust cloud; she can make one slicing the ground. Or whenever she can dodge her opponents' heavy attacks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She doesn't have any left arm, it is only two large blades, which is a scissors.
  • She doesn't have any eyes.
  • In her neck, and left arm, symbolizes Trinity's doll. Which she totured a long time ago.
  • Her appearance resembles Camiryn Nigira. 
  • Her name came to a movie, The Blair Witch Project
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