Belphegor, the Demon of Sloth  is one of Mashina Delya Ubistava's Gates of Hell keys.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has a blonde, medium-short hair that covers his left eye. His clothing looks like a poor child's clothing. His expressions can be either timid or shoked. In Kako Shorai's fanfics, he was said to be a bartender/waiter, he was wearing a grey/white plaid shirt, which is rolled-up near to his elbows with a prussian blue ribbon as a necktie, and a mahoghanny vest with golden chains and bronze-colored buttons. He also wore scaffolded, black slacks. He also wore dark-crimson knee-high boots with neon red ribbons. He also wore a hat, which resembles WW II German Uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Different of all of the demons, Belphegor is a shy, timid, and soft-spoken. He is quite dramatic. Like all the other boys, he, too, likes Lisa. He has some split personalites. At first he, as the demon of sloth, timid. And the second is over-confident, silent and calm. He can be even childish or innocent. AS the personification of the Sloth, he is the most laziest of all. He seems to enjoy Lisa's manga. He too, is merciless and reckless when it comes to combat. 

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Lisa Neen[edit | edit source]

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They met each other in the Spring Event. In the Great War arc, he was having fiath in Lisa. After the explosion, he too, thought that Lisa was dead. Until she spoke up that Amon was holding Lisa, which is the part that hurts. After Lisa was taken back, he was attacking Scarfortian soldiers, he let no one to survive. 

Angelo Neen[edit | edit source]

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Not seen too much about them, but Belphegor is encouraged to be friends with him. But Angelo thinks that Belphegor will use him to get closer to Lisa. Belphegor seems that he is a trustworthy teammate. 
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