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-Vocaloid- Scissorhands【Ashe】


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Angelo Olov-Dahlquist el Nuellas Agoncillo or Angelo Neen is one of the major supporting character. His birthday is August 24, 1990 Virgo .

Character design

According to his designer, Kako Shorai, that he was designed to look gentle. At his first design, he was depicted wearing a white, straight jacket and men's breeches with chains around his legs. His hair was spiky hair that looks soft, with a braid. But this was discarded since Kako commented that the design was making him to look like high. So her another design was making him to look like a simple looking modernized man. After writing various events, he always gets the protector or the major couple, which the case he always gets paired up with his sister, Lisa. Which turns out making him both the easiest to design. Since he doesn't appear too much in the series, he is said to be designed wearing a hooded jacket, with NCO printed in his left shoulder. And his braid was not removed.

Personality and talents


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