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【KAITO×Miku】Cantarella【VOCALOID PV】

Princess Aberinia Capri Gypsum or Amber is one of the antagonist of the series. She was born on September 10, 1997.

History / Personality

She loves the custom made pPhone made especially for Scarfortian people. Because of its edited SLICE TO UNLOCK feature for the lock screen.

See? This is how evil PDW babies can get. Because babies love morbidity. How about evil babies of evil mommies of evil unknown daddies? Evil-ception.

Amber's name was kind of hard to be talked about. Her mother and grandmother, Martha Gypsum and Jem Capri, wanted her name to be Amber, but her husband Blanx Gypsum wanted her to be Princess, thus a huge fight between the couple occured. In the end, Blanx got paralyzed by an injection invented by Martha herself. She decided to keep the name Princess but follow it by Aberinia, based on Princess Aberinia II of Scarfort Island. Princess Aberinia's nickname was Amber, but it was only then that Martha realized this and she began going wild, because it is unknown if her husband will ever wake up. She invented different pills. Even though she could pass the pills she made through the PDW Scientists at their lab, she wanted it to be dangerous. Thus, Martha's insomnia and a risk of Amber dying was created.

Amber and Martha were really lucky to have survived that period where Martha not only put her life, but also her daughter's life, in danger. Amber is really lucky to still be normal after countless rounds of unchecked pills and vodka.


She rocks the Carly Rae Jepsen bangs since she was a year old. But it was only when she was 12 when she decided to rock the winter / autumn style as well - she wore a white shirt that looks like a coat, jacket, or blazer. It's a mix of those three. She wears creme-beige skinny jeans and platform boots in a shade of auburn.

In the second book, she wears the Camryn uniform, with below knee socks and boots. She wears her hair in a side ponytail


Amber in the 2nd book


  • It is only here that Amber's father is mentioned. His name is Blanx.
  • Her theme song is カンタレラ (Cantarella).
  • This is why he likes Gelo, because she resembles IA, while Gelo is KAITO.