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Eng subs Alice in Musicland OSTER project feat. Vocaloid Allstars

Alice is a minor supporting character.


Alice is a petite lady. Taller than Clarity, shorter Lisa. She have two, golden bunny ears. Her long, blonde hair reaches her ankles. Which is kept in a fishtail braid. She wore a maiden dress, with sailor colar and a necktie and a circular apron. She also wore striped stockings. And blackish red doll shoes. She also had been carrying a small clock and a bunny plushie.  


Personality and Interests 

Alice wastes no time, unless she doesn't do anything. Alice is a sweet, happy-go-lucky girl. She is said to be a scaredy cat. Although, she hated fighting, yet she is a strong fighter. She is very fond of drinking tea. Yet, she hates iced tea, she said that it is a strong drink. And  she liked to eat carrot and honey strips  Whenever she finds someone who was hurt, she literally challenge the person who hurt them. She had a habit of running instead of walking.